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You need to make yourself stand out, but not sttatement much that you stwtement across as self-important and overblown. For purpose of writing an essay help and advice religious studies personal statement what to write in your religious studies personal statement, please see:. It's a paradox that puzzles me: how does one articulate spiritual experience which, by its very nature, is beyond words? In addition to these personal experiences I have found my A-levels in Religious Studies and Religious studies personal statement to be absorbing because of their ability to provoke a reflection upon my own beliefs. Admissions tutors want to see that you will be a great student to have in their class room. Our religious studies personal statement examples and top rated statements will inspire you to write your own unique statement, and help you understand how students have successfully applied for this course in the past. It should give admissions tutors a good picture of who you are and why you would make a valuable candidate for their course. Take a look through our religous studies personal statement examples above to give yourself an idea of what a successful statement looks like. I think this is important because I believe that without understanding the historical context we can not fully appreciate the texts we are reading. Be absolutely sure on the subject you would like to do.

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