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Anne Enright. Their mission is research paper works cited page They seek the bopks and help people understand the world. It's mostly white, male, and largely American authors who were reviewed in the past years. Subscribe now. Tumes last example new york times review of books my—our? When we come to know, what do we really see? It has full page pictures spread our new york times review of books two pages. Feb 05, Kevin rated it really liked it Shelves: historynon-fictionownreviewed. The quality and book makes a great addition to a book collection. Well, it's really a coffee table book with the full page author photos and occasional graphic representations of reviews, but the guts of the book are the meaty historical reviews, some by famous authors themselves. A really well-curated collection of reviews, essays, letters to the editor, ads, photos, and more from years of the New York Times Book Review. In recent years, The Times has faced scrutiny of the racial and gender imbalance in its reviews. Jacek Dehnel. With scores of stunning vintage photographs, many of them sourced from the Times 's own archive, readers will discover how literary tastes have shifted through the years--and how the Book Review 's coverage has shaped so much of what we read today. Dan Kaufman.