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Family Education Workshop


Wednesday, August 7th
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Rachel Upjohn Building, Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic | Room B1742

4250 Plymouth Road

Ann Arbor MI 48109

Event Overview

This FREE workshop is offered to family member with depression or bipolar illness.

You may be wondering…

  • How does depression and bipolar illness impact families?
  • What are helpful tips for coping with a loved one’s illness?
  • How can families recognize the symptoms of depression and bipolar illness and help to prevent relapse?
  • How can families play a key role in their loved one’s recovery?

This free workshop offers patients and families the opportunity to learn about depression and bipolar illness and gather information about risk factors, treatments, impact on families, and healthy ways of communicating with one another. Social work clinicians from the University of Michigan Depression Center will present the most important facts about depression and bipolar illness and its effects on different age groups. They will also lead discussions, allowing participants to ask questions within a supportive environment.

Workshop is free, however advance registration is required!

Workshops are held on the 1st Wednesday every other month.