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Grand Rounds Angus MacDonald, PhD


Wednesday, May 8th
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

RUB Auditorium

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Hosting Faculty: Ivy Tso, PhD

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CME Available: Yes

Angus MacDonald III, PhD
Professor, Department of Psychology
University of Minnesota

When cognitive neuroscience, and in particular neuroimaging methods, are used to address questions about the manifestation of psychopathology in human populations, a number of methodological complications are introduced. For example, do differences in cortical activity lead to poor task performance, or does poor task performance lead to reduced cortical activity? Under what circumstances can differences in performance be interpreted as impairment in a process? To address such questions we use a number of methods, including functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), behavioral genetics (twin and family studies), clinical assessment and experimental psychology. Current research areas include (1) understanding how executive control mechanisms, which are associated with prefrontal cortex functioning, modulate attentional and affective processing; (2) evaluating how impairments in such mechanisms may be related to schizophrenia and the genes associated with schizophrenia; and (3) methods development for analyzing fMRI, and psychometric confounds in the measurement of group differences.