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Stem cell research offers new hope for unlocking the secrets of bipolar disorder

New stem cell lines developed from the skin of adults living with bipolar disorder are providing researchers at the University of Michigan Health System an unprecedented opportunity to delve into the genetic and biological underpinnings of the devastating mood disorder. Scientists will be able to link new findings – such as how gene expression is

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Shoppers help raise money for bipolar research

Farmington Hills resident Joni Pitt’s homemade OMG Peach Crostata will help raise money for mental illness research. Her dessert took top honors in the We’re Cookin’ in Michigan recipe contest, held earlier this month at the Buy Michigan Now Festival in Northville. The dish was baked with Michigan peaches and eggs, among other Michigan ingredients,

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Helping teens avoid risky behaviors

A Kalamazoo News article on recent trends in teens’ involvement with drugs, alcohol, and sex quoted Daniel Keating, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry, psychology, and pediatrics, who offered several strategies to help teens avoid making risky decisions (and suffering those consequences).

New link between genetics, alcoholism and the brain

Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute researchers have uncovered a new link between genetic variations associated with alcoholism, impulsive behavior and a region of the brain involved in craving and anxiety. The results, published online in Molecular Psychiatry, suggest that variations in the GABRA2 gene contribute to the risk of alcoholism by influencing impulsive behaviors, at

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