Dr. Kenneth Silk discusses Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in Chicago Tribune

Dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT), developed for people who struggle from severe mental illness and pervasive suicidal thoughts, is branching out beyond borderline personality disorder to treat other mental health issues.

Gaining traction with mainstream psychology, DBT includes elements of acceptance and mindfulness.

In a Chicago Tribune article, Kenneth Silk, M.D., senior psychiatrist at UMHS, said that DBT is not widespread and still is not taught in many schools or universities. Silk said that while there is an introduction to DBT for U-M medical residents, it is not regularly taught because there aren’t enough properly-trained teachers.

“Like the treatment itself, the training has a certain intensity to it, involves learning four different components,” Silk said. “The intensity of the treatment and its high utilization of resources have been barriers to wider acceptance and implementation.”

The application of DBT is still vague due to its lack of standards in the certification process of DBT and expanded treatment possibilities.

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