Charles honored for excellence in social work


Antonia Charles, a senior social work clinician on the Inpatient Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Unit, has been honored with the 11th Annual Beverly Jean Howard Award for Excellence in Social Work.

She has been described by one of her nominators as demonstrating the utmost professionalism in all areas of her work: family therapy, discharge planning, teaching, mentorship and committee work. Charles sets the bar exceptionally high not only for her own professional behavior, but for that of other team members.

She has dedicated herself to the education of social work students. A couple of her nominators were former students who valued her role in their education. One nominator states, “She motivates students and teaches them by modeling CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing while establishing a rapport rapidly with families in crisis. She allows students to enhance their own skills, developing their own style, while also instilling social work core values at the same time.” Charles has also been involved with clinical skills training and mentorships for social work interns. She is currently supervising three social work interns, a LLMSW and two recent graduates from the school of social work as well as managing a full caseload.

Charles demonstrates leadership by having and active role in several CAPH Committees, including the Program Planning Committee, Leadership Committee, Department of Psychiatry’s Suicide Task Force, Patient and Family Centered Care Committee as well as Lean projects within her work group.

Due to recent staffing changes, she also found herself to be the only full time social worker on the child psychiatry inpatient unit. Many of the nominees described what a daunting task Toni was facing and how she handled it with the utmost grace and professionalism. “Toni remained optimistic and was able to carry out the duties of her job without sacrificing the standard of care we provide to patients and families.” Toni is valued by all for the strength and leadership she brings to her position.

Nominated by: Bernard Biermann, Barb Fredal, Yana Gatermann, Syma Khan, Stephanie Koenig, Lisa Lederman, Laura Nitzberg, & Judy Njeru

A total of 16 nominations were received for the award and included these individuals from Psychiatry:

• Michele Brown
• Toni Charles (award recipient)
• Mary Grambeau Gass
• Marilyn Migliore
• Kathi Voelkner