Helping military spouses, partners through deployment stress

While many military mental health initiatives emphasize the needs and well-being of service members, a unique U-M program is focused on improving the lives of military spouses and partners experiencing the stress of deployment. HomeFront Strong, sponsored by M-SPAN, is designed to help military family members build social support and positive relationships, learn new approaches to self-care and understand resiliency and positive coping.

The program is open to military spouses or partners at any point before, during or after deployment.

“Behind every military service member and veteran is a family that has lived the life of deployment,” says Michelle Kees, Ph.D., the leader of HomeFront Strong and an assistant professor of psychiatry. “Yet, most military mental health programs offer only limited support extended to the family members who are also facing challenges. HomeFront Strong is intended to fill this void. Particularly on Veterans Day, we are honored to serve the families that serve us.  By honoring families, we are also honoring our service members and veterans.”

M-SPAN programs have been developed by faculty and staff from the U-M Depression Center and Department of Psychiatry in collaboration with the Michigan Army National Guard and Michigan State University.

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