Veena Tripathi receives the July 2009 VA House Officer of the Month award

Dr. Veena Tripathi has been awarded the July 2009 VA House Officer of the Month for her accomplishments as an intern for 2008-2009 academic year at the Ann Arbor Veterans Association Hospital. This award recognizes top residents amongst all the medical-surgical specialities and comes w/ a plaque, posted announcement and photograph at the VA, as well as a cash sum. Please see the language on the plaque below. Congratulations Veena, this was well deserved.

 “This certificate is awarded to Veena Tripathi, M.D., second-year house officer in Mental Health Service, by the Department of Veterans Affairs, designating her House Officer of the Month for July 2009.

Dr. Tripathi demonstrated superior clinical performance on her psychiatry rotations during her internship. Her caring, humanitarian approach to veterans and families was exemplary. Not only was she always willing to take on extra responsibilities to help our veteran patients, she also consistently offered to help her colleagues during busy days.

As her class representative, Dr. Tripathi went beyond the call of duty to improve the educational experience not only for her class but also for the incoming residents. She demonstrated a strong commitment to medical student education.

Dr. Tripathi’s nomination is supported by the Mental Health Service leadership who confirmed that she indeed is an exemplary house officer.

We would like to thank Dr. Tripathi for her exemplary dedication to our veterans’ medical and psychiatric care as well her dedication to resident and medical student education by honoring her with the Resident of the Month Award.”